About Us

About Cozy Cabin Cuddles

We (Joseph and Nathan) would like to share our story. We met in 2015 and, after discovering our shared interests, we soon began talking about bringing our dreams to reality. That dream grew into Cozy Cabin Cuddles.

We both grew up greatly enjoying the companionship a great pet can give, and are committed to providing superior pets so others can share the same joy we have.

We take the responsibility of caring for the parents as well as the puppies seriously. Many a night was spent with our dogs as they came close to giving birth, etc. Regular exercise and socialization are all a part of our day, and we consider heating and air conditioning for our dogs a necessity. This has proven to provide healthy, highly desirable puppies!

A Little About Joseph

I was born and raised in rural Lancaster county Pennsylvania. I well recall my wishing for a pet. One evening while biking home I came past a sign “Free Kitten!” Oh Joy! I stopped in and told them I wanted their kitten. My folks were quite surprised to have me show up with a pet, but thankfully they allowed me to keep her. Needless to say, it became a family pet!

My next pet was a goat kid that was unable to walk… I devoted a lot of my time to it and it immediately became a sweet family pet as well. My mother liked it so well she bought a few herself! I’ve always liked dogs and always told myself that someday I would have a few myself. I’d like to personally invite you to experience a quality pet that will be a great, entertaining, loving companion! Thanks for checking us out!


In summer of 2020 Nathan left the Cozy Cabin to pursue other goals in life. He will be missed, but his contributions will live on long after his departure!